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4268 1Thank you for considering us as you make your adoption plan. We know this is an extremely courageous and loving step you are taking for your baby.

We’ve been hoping for a child for some time. We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary and have created a loving home in a diverse, family-friendly neighborhood. Jeff is the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization that provides housing for people who used to be homeless, and Jessica is a fundraiser for community centers in NYC and a writer of books for children.

We love hosting holidays for family and friends and spending time in nature. Jeff loves sports and Jessica loves to bake. We love to be silly (and so does our playful cat, Max).

We can’t wait to share our favorite activities with our child.

Adoption already plays a positive role in our lives. Jessica has five adopted cousins and there are many adopted children in our neighborhood. We are so excited to continue the tradition of adoption in creating our family!

If you choose us, please know your baby will be loved, happy and healthy. We are committed to an open adoption and promise to share letters and photos regularly, and we will tell your baby how he or she is loved by you. We are there for each other no matter what and we will do the same for our child.

Thank you so much for considering us and we wish you all the best in any decision you make.

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