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My name is Maria, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read my profile.  I hope my profile will give you a chance to get to know me a little.

I have always dreamed of one day becoming a mom, and am excited about the road to adoption.  I am lucky enough to have a large support system, including friends and family, all living close to me.  They are all excited about my plans to adopt, and everyone has offered support.  My parents are especially thrilled about another grandchild.  Of course, they are going to be the first in line to babysit.  I have many friends from all different phases of my life.  When I told them about my plans to adopt, they were so supportive, and offered to help in so many ways.  So, your child is going to have many honorary “aunts” and “uncles” to love & care for him or her.

I try to have a healthy lifestyle, which is something I want to instill in my child.  I love traveling, and cooking, and hanging out with my friends and family.  I hope you see that I have a lot of love to give, and am committed to providing a child with a secure, comfortable, and happy home.  I hope to raise a child who is happy, healthy, kind, and considerate, and who has many friends.  I cannot wait to share my life with a child.

I know that you are getting ready to make a very difficult decision and a huge sacrifice.  Making an adoption plan is an incredibly selfless and brave act.  I look forward to meeting you, if you wish, and to participating in an open adoption with pictures, letters and visits.  I wish you all the best.

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