Julianna’s Family Christmas Ornament

Julianna’s Family Christmas Ornament

An Adoptions From The Heart Family Holiday Story


In 2017 Jason and Kelly received an invitation from three very important people in their life to come to visit them during the holiday season. Those three very important people were Chris, Jaime, and little Julianna from Pittsburgh. Jason and Kelly are the birth parents of Julianna or “Julesy” as the family calls her. Chris and Jaime are Julianna’s adoptive parents.

Jason and Kelly were excited to visit Chris, Jaime, and Julianna during the holidays. The Christmas season is always a special time for loved ones to get together. Jason and Kelly were thinking of possible gifts to give everyone, and then one-day idea popped into Jason’s head. Jason came up with the perfect gift, creating the family an ornament to hang on their tree. The birth father had a vision in his head of an ornament that would symbolize the strong foundation of love that enables the triad’s relationship to thrive.

Jason used his talents to create a wooden ornament that looks like a heart-shaped puzzle. Everyone’s names are carved on their puzzle piece, starting clockwise with Julianna’s at the center top of the heart. In the exact center of the heart, Jason carved the message “Together we make a family” with the date June 25, 2016, carved directly below the message. When one turns the heart, it reads “Love Always” on the back. Jason also made an acrylic version of the heart as well.

When Chris and Jaime opened the handmade gift from Jason, they were both touched and blown away. The gift Chris and Jaime had bought for Jason and Kelly carried the same idea and message both literally and figuratively. When the birth parents opened their gift from Julianna’s adoptive parents, they found themselves holding an ornament that could ultimately be a replica to the handmade ornament. Both ornaments were a heart-shaped puzzle with each piece naming all the members of the triad. In the center of the ornament that Chris and Jaime bought for Jason and Kelly it read “Together we are family.”

The uncanny resemblance between the two Christmas ornaments is solely a coincidence. To both parties, the ornaments represent the family’s commitment to one another, and most importantly their dedication to Julianna.

Jason’s Handmade wooden heart ornament

The back of Jason’s handmade wooden heart Christmas ornament

Jason’s acrylic handmade heart ornament

Identical wooden heart ornament gifted to Jason & Kelly from Chris & Jaime


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