Domestic Adoption

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Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption

Since 1985 Adoptions From The Heart has helped place thousands of children in loving homes through domestic adoption. We pride ourselves on being one of the first agencies in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware area to place children by open adoption.

Choosing to adopt a child is a huge decision. But it’s actually only the first in a long line of big decisions.

What Is Open Adoption ?

Open domestic adoption is now the most widely practiced form of adoption in the USA.  In this type of adoption pregnant women select and meet prospective adoptive parents.  Contact levels in open adoptions can vary.  An exchange of first names, and letters and pictures through a third party is the minimum level of contact for most open adoptions.

For some prospective parents, the idea of open adoption is scary. But openness helps to enrich compassion and understanding. We believe fully in open adoption. Here are two reasons you may want to consider domestic adoption.

  1. Getting to know the biological parents. This can help you answer your child’s questions as they get older. Through openness, your child’s adoption won’t remain a “secret” buried in the past. In many open adoptions your child also may get to meet or get to know their birth parents as they grow up.
  1. Questions pile up. Many adoptive parents working through a closed adoption find themselves fearing what they don’t know.  What is my child’s medical background? What do their biological parents look like? Why did they choose adoption? Open adoption can relieve many of these fears, simply since the answers are there.

At first, open adoption was widely stigmatized because women who choose adoption were stigmatized. Allowing these people back into the lives of their biological children was seen as a source of risk, or worse. There’s no evidence to back it up this claim and all the evidence in the world to prove it false.

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