Embryo Education Series

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Embryo Education Series

Adoptions From The Heart has created a four part education webinar series that will help those families who are pursuing embryo placement (aka embryo adoption).

Since this is a relatively new concept there are so many questions that families, friends and the children born from embryo placement will have. Currently this course is designed for families who are receiving embryos or considering an embryo placement.

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PART I: Introduction:

Basic facts about embryo placement

  • Availability of embryos for placement?
  • Legal issues
  • Terminology
  • Pregnancy results

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Why choose embryo placement?

  • Advantages & disadvantages
  • Exploring options
  • Success rates
  • Potentiality for multiple births
  • Family and community support

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PART III: Openness

Importance of Talking with Your Child born through Embryo Placement

  • Genetic Siblings
  • Open vs Closed relationships with donor families
  • Considerations for the recipient family

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PART IV: How to Talk with Your Child

How do I tell my child about embryo placement?

  • Talking and telling about donor conception, a guide for parents with children aged 0-17 and over.

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