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Adoption Option

Adoption is an option if neither parent feels he or she will be able to meet the child’s needs emotionally, physically, financially, or socially. By choosing adoption you can ensure that the child’s future needs will be met and you can even choose the adoptive parents and choose receive updated and to stay in touch if you want.

If adoption is chosen, as the father of your child, we encourage you to take part in the adoption plan. You can call and speak with one of our adoption counselors to personalize your adoption plan. If you desire, you can meet your adoptive family, receive pictures and letters after placement. It is important that you stay open and honest about your emotions and your situation. We can offer you counseling services both before and after the baby is born. We understand that this is a difficult decision and we want to help you work through your emotions as well.

What is Open Adoption?

What To Expect, Step By Step Process:

The adoption process is unique to your needs but here is an example of the basic step by step process of an adoption plan:

1) Gather Information About Adoption

  • Contact AFTH to speak with a pregnancy counselor, ask any questions and discuss your options and find out whether adoption may be the right option for you and your baby.

2) Meet With Your Counselor To Make Your Adoption Plan

  • Assistance in obtaining a doctor, medical assistance, welfare, transportation to appointments, housing, etc.
  • Financial assistance may be available depending on your circumstances.
  • Fill out paperwork which will help your counselor get to know you better.

3) Select A Family (if you choose)

  • Begin reviewing prospective adoptive parent profiles and DVDs for the type of family you would like to choose for your baby.
  • Get to know the family you choose by meeting them with your counselor a few times before your baby is born.

4) At The Hospital

  • Discuss plans for the hospital: time with the baby, prospective adoptive parents’ role at the hospital, who you want in the delivery room etc.
  • Labor and delivery of your baby. Your counselor will meet you at the hospital for support.
  • Discharge from hospital, baby will be discharged with family you chose.

5) Legal Process

  • Meet with your counselor to fill out the legal paperwork to complete your adoption plan.

6) Ongoing Support

  • If you choose an open adoption, receive photos and letter or email updates and possible visits.
  • Adoption is a life-long journey, your adoption counselor is here for you. Support groups are also available.

Your Role in Adoption

Depending on your relationship with the birth mother you can be actively involved in counseling and decision making of the adoption plan, along with the mother. Your involvement in the adoption planning can be very helpful in the well-being of the child. If you can emotionally support the mother of your child throughout this experience it is one of the best ways you can help the situation.

My Child and Me

You may be wondering if your child will ever get to know you if you choose adoption? This is completely up to you and the prospective adoptive family. It depends on the openness level you choose for your adoption plan. Your adoption plan will be completely unique to your needs. From open to closed to semi-open adoptions. You and the child’s mother can choose the number of visits you want with the child and you can receive picture and letter updates as well.

AFTH Can Help

There is no easy choice. There is no wrong choice. An unplanned pregnancy can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. Our experienced, caring and skilled counselors provide individual and family counseling to help expectant parents sort out their feelings, gathering information about their options, and make informed choices.