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Dear Friends of Adoptions From The Heart,

AFTH continues to be a leader in domestic adoption by helping pregnant women who are considering adoption. Since June of 2011, over 153 women worked with AFTH to make an adoption plan for their babies. These women, in addition to the many who have previously work with AFTH, have unique stories and face unique challenges. Sometimes the need is as simple as an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on but sometimes their circumstances lead to a greater need. No woman’s struggle is more or less important and all needs, big or small, deserve help and support.
Each voice is so very important to hear. These are just some of the voices bringing to light the personal struggles of only a few of those whom AFTH has worked with since July. Those in need are not demanding financial help but are silently trying to find a way out. A little financial relief from difficult circumstances can make a huge difference and AFTH has seen it propel women into a better place with ongoing stability. The silent struggles these women are facing are given a voice by the social workers who are watching over them in support.

No need to wonder how your donations are helping … Listen to their stories and 
see how donors like YOU change lives through the AFTH Birthmother Fund.

Escaping Abuse: 
The AFTH Expecting & Birthmother Fund literally saved my life and the lives of my children age 2 and 4. I was living with my abusive, drug addict husband who would disappear for weeks at a time without paying our bills. I knew I needed out! The women’s crisis center was too far to walk with my little ones and my car needed repairs which my husband refused to make to keep me home.AFTH hired a mechanic to do the repairs. I escaped to the shelter and then got permanent housing, however I didn’t have grocery money for the first month on my own.AFTH provided groceries and gave me gift cards for Christmas to buy my children clothes and a few toys. Thank you to those who gave to the fund because without the help I don’t know where I would be. My goal is to gain more stability so I can return the favor to AFTH and help another woman in need. Tracey from Pittsburgh

Kicked Out Because of Choosing Adoption:
Making an adoption plan was hard to do but being kicked out by my Mom because of doing it was devastating. My children and I were left without a place to live. Public housing had a waiting list and I didn’t know where to go. AFTH paid a security deposit for alternative housing until I could get into public housing. It is one thing for me to have to live on the streets after being kicked out but my children – no way! Because of AFTH’s help, my children didn’t have to live on the streets until we found a new place to liveToni from Central PA

Living on $0 Income Until Cleared By Doctor to Return to Work:
Choosing adoption for my baby was the right thing. I work full time but at minimum wage, I was just making ends meet with my two other childrenMy C-section left me unable to work for 8 weeks. Without a paycheck, I couldn’t pay rent and was getting evicted. AFTH covered 2 months of rent so I could keep my apartment. I’m back to work now but I can’t imagine having to take my children to a shelter because I couldn’t go back to work right away after having a baby Lori from Western PA

Unable to Provide for More than the Minimum:
I didn’t know what I was going to do because my kid’s school has a dress code and they outgrew last year’s clothes and I didn’t have any extra money. AFTH gave me a Target gift card so I could purchase clothes for them to wear to school. Kelsey from Delaware

Job Loss Changes Stability:
We placed our newborn but were also parenting a son together. I lost my job and then our house and we moved in with my parents. Our car needed an inspection and with no way to get to work my girlfriend was about to lose her job. AFTH saved her job by paying for the inspection and gave us Walmart gift cards to help buy foodAFTH got us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. Alex, birthfather from Harrisburg

Sometimes it is as simple as a phone:
I work very hard to provide for my three children with the help and support of my church. I knew adoption was the best choice for my fourth baby. It may seem simple but what I really needed was a phone. AFTH bought me a trac phone with minutes so I could make doctor appointments and have a contact number in case of emergencies. Sue from Philadelphia


YOUR donation to the AFTH Expecting & Birthmother Fund WILL help change someone’s life.
Ask any of the above recipients, your donation mattered to THEM!

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