Adoption Agency Now Serving Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Adoption Agency – Helping Connect Waiting Families To Infants

Domestic Adoption Professionals Guiding Individuals & Families Through The Adoption Process

  • Home Study Services Offered

  • Counseling Services and Support Groups Available

  • Assistance With Post Placement Visits

Choosing to adopt a child is a beautiful way to grow a family and a huge decision. Since 1985, Adoptions From The Heart has been helping to support individuals and couples who have made this choice and who are now learning about their options.

At AFTH, services are provided to our clients with any regard for skin color, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or age. Just a few of the services that are offered to prospective parents include:

  • Home Study Services: This is a written report which includes information about the family seeking to adopt and is required by law. This study must be completed prior to the placement of a child. When working with AFTH, our adoption counselors provide the information that is needed to help complete this home study.
  • Intermediary Services: If prospective parents have already identified a pregnant woman through other resources, the agency can help facilitate the adoption.
  • Family Database: Prospective parents are allowed to create an online profile through AFTH including pictures and letters for pregnant women to review.
  • Support:  Social workers and counselors are available both pre and post placement to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Supervisory Visits: The court requires post placement visits which can be arranged through AFTH.

Our agency has placed more than 6,000 infants into waiting homes and our adoption professionals are prepared to answer all of your questions.

Non-Profit Organization – Providing You With All Of Your Options

Adoption Agency Assisting Birth Mothers

  • Open Adoption Services Available

  • Prepared To Discuss All Possible Options Available To Birth Parents

  • Help Obtaining Medical Coverage For Both Mother & Child

An unplanned pregnancy is always complicated and making decisions is a difficult process. At Adoptions From The Heart, our agency’s goal is make sure birth parents have all the information necessary to make the choice that is right for them. If it is decided that domestic adoption is the right choice, pregnant women can expect:

  • The Ability To Chose The Adoptive Family: You will be able to view the profiles of all waiting families – you are not limited to the number of profiles you can view and we in no way “pre-select” the profiles you view. However, if you do not want to select the adoptive family, you do not have to. Your counselor will discuss these decisions with you.
  • Help Obtaining Medical Coverage: Our counselors will help you obtain the insurance you need and if for some reason you don’t qualify for medical insurance, your medical bills can be paid for by the adoptive family.
  • The Creation Of  A Birth Plan: You have the option of creating a birth plan, spending time with the child after it is born, or deciding to not see the child. The choice is entirely yours.
  • Determining Ongoing Contact: In open adoptions, birth parents stay in contact with the adoptive family and child. This may be as little as sending a letter once a year to visits. We can help you determine what level of contact you would like in the future.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about how our adoption professionals can help you – contact us now.