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We are excited to announce the launch of Adoptions From The Heart TV!

Every week a new episode will be published.

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We will cover a broad array of topics including more information about AFTH, resources for birth parents, and resources for adoptive parents.

Season 1: Adoption From The Heart TV

Episode 1: The Woman Behind Adoptions From The Heart
Episode 2: What Are The Differences Between Foster Care And Private Adoption?
Episode 3: Prospective Adoptive Parents: Surviving The Wait During The Holidays
Episode 4: A Birth Mother’s Story: Advice For Expecting Parents Considering Adoption
Episode 5: Birth Parent Support During The Holiday Season
Episode 6: Facing The Unknowns In Adoption As Adoptive Parents
Episode 7: My Experience with Adoption as a NICU Social Worker
Episode 8: Exploring Your Options When Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy
Episode 9: AFTH’s Out of Area Program
Episode 10: Things to Consider When Choosing an Adoption Agency
Episode 11: What is Open Adoption? Open Adoption 101
Episode 12: What Are The Risks Of Not Using An Adoption Agency?
Episode 13: The Importance Of Support For Expecting & Birth Parents

Season 2: Adoptions From The Heart TV

Episode 1: Meet Our Adoption Agency’s Associate Director
Episode 2: Pediatric Hospitalist On The Realities Of Prenatal Drug Exposure
Episode 3: Pregnant & Considering Adoption – Taking The Fear Out Of The First Call To An Agency
Episode 4: Parenting During The Revocation Period: Thoughts For Prospective Adoptive Parents
Episode 5: Telling My Story As A Birth Mother: A Conversation With Mary
Episode 6: Your First Meeting: Prospective Adoptive Parents & Expecting Parents
Episode 7: The Biggest Fears Expectant & Adoptive Parents Have About Adoption
Episode 8: Moving From Infertility To Adoption
Episode 9: Birth Mothers’ Experiences: What Open Adoption Looks Like For Me
Episode 10: My Son Decided To Search For His Birth Mother
Episode 11: Emergency Placement: Choosing Adoption In The Hospital After Giving Birth
Episode 12: Open Adoption: Keeping The Door Open When Contact Isn’t Consistent
Episode 13: Making An Adoption Plan: Choosing A Family & Deciding On Openness


Season 3: Adoptions From The Heart TV

Episode 1: Tips For Families Waiting To Adopt A Baby
Episode 2: The Post Adoption Placement Grief Process For Birth Mothers
Episode 3: Adopting As A Single Woman
Episode 4: I Was 38 When I Chose Adoption For My Baby