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Meet Our Waiting FamiliesThis section provides a listing of waiting families looking to adopt. New families are added all the time.

All families have had police and child abuse clearances and home inspections.

Our offices also have many waiting families that are not listed here. To view additional profiles please contact your nearest AFTH office or call 1-800-355-5500.

View Waiting Families Seeking:

Select the family you want for your baby. Choose from photos, videos and written profiles. Meet the family and stay in touch if you want.

We do not limit the number of family profiles that can be viewed. If a woman or her partner has a specific request (no kids, specific religion, job, stay at home mom) we can try to provide a family that matches this request. Contact us!

Pregnant women and their families can choose the level of contact they want with the family after placement. You can choose either a totally open, semi-open (pictures & letters no visits), or a closed (no contact) adoption.

Not all waiting families are open to all situations. Prenatal care, mental health, and acceptance of drug and alcohol usage vary from family to family. Levels of openness also vary depending on the family. If you like a family contact us and we can make sure the family is open to your situation. If not our social workers can help you find the best family for your situation. Call us! 1-800-355-5500