Misconceptions About Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers

Misconceptions about birth mothers and birth fathers often sensationalize the real truth and reality behind adoption. The media often portrays the birth mother as an addict or a teen mother. In regards to the birth father, stereotypes often depict him as absent or uninvolved, or even as a rapist. These common misconceptions downplay the reality [...]

Kyle: A Birth Father’s Story

Birth Father’s Story Part 1 My girlfriend and I both grew up in upstate New York. When Jackie decided to move to Pittsburgh to go to school I came with her.  We shared a small efficiency apartment and a one bench truck.  I was working full time while finishing-up school. But after a while, we [...]

Visit Philadelphia’s Must-See Arboretum

Morris Arboretum  This article is brought to you by the adoption agency in Philadelphia from AFTH.  The University of Pennsylvania's Morris Arboretum opened in 1887 as the summer residence of John and Lydia Morris' brother and son, Compton.  John was a noted plantsman and civic activist who embraced the modern world of technology the Victorians [...]

Jennifer, Rob and Genevieve’s Story

Jennifer, Rob, and Genevieve When Jennifer and Robert got married, they knew right away that they wanted to start a family. However, they quickly learned that conceiving a child would not be an option for them. After struggling with infertility – Jennifer and Rob decided it was time to begin considering other ways [...]

Pub Favorites in Pittsburgh, PA

This article is presented by the adoption center Pittsburgh, PA, who recommends trying out these local favorites with a few friends. The Bulldog Pub Located in Morningside, Bulldog Pub is a popular family-friendly pub that opened in April of 2013. This Pittsburgh hotspot has been great serving food and craft beers to locals for years.  [...]

A Single Adoptive Parent’s Journey

Ever since Jen was young, she knew she wanted to be a mother. The day finally came when a birth mother and a birth father came across her adoptive parent profile and they selected her even as a single mother. Jen had already been waiting a long time, and with the COVID-19 global pandemic, she [...]

Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fort Washington State Park  This article is sponsored by our adoption agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fort Washington blossoms in the spring with flowering dogwood abundant with new outdoor amenities and architectural significance. Fort Washington State Park, in eastern Montgomery County, consists of 493 acres. This derives its name from the temporary fort established in the [...]

Prestigious Performing Arts Theaters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Hillman Center for Performing Arts  This article is brought to you by the adoption agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from Adoptions From The Heart. Opening its doors in September 2004, The Hillman Center for Performing Arts is committed to delivering programs of achievement that reflect the cultural heritage of Pittsburgh while promoting national, artistic creativity [...]

The Unheard Voice of A Birth Father: Jimmy’s Adoption Story

When Jimmy became a birth father, he was excited; however, he knew his drug addiction would prevent him from being the birth father he wanted and needed to be.  “Addiction is so self-centered that I knew...I would have never been able to provide for her. My only choice at that time was adoption. I had [...]

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