The Fees & Expenses Associated With Adoption

AFTH prides itself on our transparent fee structure

Adoptions From The Heart has helped thousands of families adopt overseas.  We have completed thousands of International Home Studies and are licensed to work with families in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Adoption FeesComparing costs & fees

When adopting outside of a public agency, fees can seem overwhelming. Comparing adoption expenses of different agencies or other adoption professionals is smart. Unfortunately, not all fees are presented in the same way, which can make this hard.

Adoptions From The Heart believes families should know what they are getting into.  We have posted all of our fees on our website, as well as any estimated fees for such things as legal and inter-state costs.

While trying to compare adoption expenses you should also look at what services are being provided. Some agencies don’t have local staff and can’t offer support at the hospital for prospective adoptive families. Some leave it to families to navigate their way through complicated legal paperwork. You deserve to have someone on your side to help during this emotional time. Adoptions From The Heart will help you every step of the way.

Help With Adoption Expenses

Adoptions From The Heart knows that adoption may seem out of reach for many families but there is help out there. Learn more about grants and loans, the federal adoption tax credit, and creative financing options, by downloading our flyer about help with adoption expenses. In addition, check with your employer to see if they have any adoption benefits.

Worrying about Financial Loss

Adoptions From The Heart understands adoption can be scary.  Adoption involves a certain degree of legal, emotional and financial risk. We understand that families usually only have a limited amount of money to fulfill their dream of adoption. Therefore, our policies are as follows:

  •  If a woman changes her mind and decides to parent her child prior to placement placement fees are returned to the family (in the adoption world this is called a disappointment).
  • If a woman decides to parent her child after placement with the prospective adoptive family, Adoptions From The Heart will credit the money paid toward a new placement. In other words, you don’t lose the money and have to pay again, (this is called a disruption).

Once a child is placed with a family many agencies and adoption attorneys consider this a placement, no matter if the woman changes her mind or not.  This means that they keep any money earned and require families to pay again for a new placement. This can mean a huge financial loss for a family and possibly prevent them from being able to continuing their adoption journey.

Adoption Guidelines with fees are based on your state of residence.

Please note: To reflect current placement trends, Adoptions From The Heart is ONLY accepting applicants who are minimally open to adopting children of African-American heritage. We encourage families to be open to adopting children of all races.

Residents in states we are licensed ( NJ, PA, DE, NY, CT and VA) – Download adoption guidelines with fees and costs. 

Residents of Washington DC, Maryland – Download adoption guidelines with fees and costs. 

Residents in other states wishing to adopt African-American children – Download adoption guidelines with fees and costs. 

Residents who would like to be placed on our waiting list  – Download adoption application 

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Testimonials From Adoptive Families

“From our very first experience with Adoptions From The Heart in 1997 through the adoption of our third child in 2004, we have been touched by how Adoptions From The Heart works with us and for us to find the children that have made our house a home. Our experience has been a very good one. The agency had provided both guidance and support that has helped our adoptions go smoothly. Adoptions From The Heart not only works to the benefit of the Adoptive Family, but they make every effort to work with the Birth Family to provide both parties a comfort level and peace about the decisions that are being made.” – Ed and Tammi B.

“The people who showed us such wonderful compassion and caring as we journeyed to bring our precious daughter home will always be remembered in our hearts as our “Dear friends” For us there is no other adoption agency. We would use them again in a heartbeat” – David and Georgeanna F.

“Our entire experience with AFTH has been a pleasure and we would recommend your agency to anyone whom so desires to adopt.” – Frank and Christina P.

“When we began exploring adoption as a way for us to grow our family, we spoke with several agencies and private attorneys. When we met with the social workers at Adoptions From The Heart, we knew instantly that this agency was different. We knew that the question wasn’t “if ” we would be placed with a child, but rather “when” we would be placed with a child. We never felt alone in the process. We were always informed of what was next, what to expect and guided along the way. Today we have two beautiful, healthy, happy children. Every day we look at our family and realize that we are truly blessed. Adoptions From The Heart helped us in every aspect of this journey. They believed in us and were there for us every step of the way. We are eternally grateful.” – Kim G. and Jodi C.

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We know you have questions. Our adoption agency staff are standing by to listen to you and give you all the information you need about adoption. Submit a form for more information.

2. Learn About The Process

Our experienced counselors will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and outline what the entire process looks like during our initial consultation.

3. Get Your Clearances

This involves applying for police and child abuse clearances in the state where you reside. You will also need to permit a home inspection in order to move to the next step of the adoption process.

If you choose to build a family through adoption

Here are the next steps >>

4. Create Your Family Profile

Here you will prepare a written profile with photos and a video introducing you and your adoptive family to birth moms so they can select a family for their baby.

5. Selection and Completing the Process

Upon receiving news of selection, we will work with you through the rest of the process and provide post-adoption resources for you and your new family.