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Adoptions From The Heart: New York, NY

Adoptions From The Heart, the East Coast’s leading private adoption agency, has contract social workers in the Manhattan area of New York City to help families with a home study for international or our domestic adoption program.

Contact our Allentown, PA office for a list of contracted New York City social workers.

About Adoptions From The Heart

Adoptions From The Heart is a private 501 C-3 non-profit organization with eight offices along the East Coast. Our compassionate adoption professionals have prospective adoptive families and pregnant women meet, get to know one another in a safe, supportive environment, and build beautiful families since our founding in 1985.

As one of America’s first adoption agencies to specialize in “open adoption,” we believe whole-heartedly that communication between all members of the adoption triad is a valuable aspect of creating loving families through the adoption process. But more important than that is respecting the wishes of everyone involved. No matter your choices, we’re here to help.

Whether you are pregnant and looking into your options, or wish to build your own beautiful family, Adoptions From The Heart is here to support your choices and guide you through the adoption process smoothly.

NYC Home Studies For International & Domestic Adoption

Prospective adoptive families living in New York City who intend to adopt must complete a “home study.” During a home study, our NYC contract social workers are trying to find the best match between what a child needs and what a particular prospective adoptive family has to offer. According to the US Department of Health & Human Service, a home study has three primary aims:

  • “Educate and prepare the adoptive family for adoption
  • Evaluate the fitness of the adoptive family
  • Gather information about the prospective parents that will help a social worker connect the family with a child whose needs they can meet.”

Our NYC social workers and adoption professionals are pleased to conduct home studies for prospective adoptive parents interested in:

  • Orphan (I – 600) cases
  • Hague Convention (I – 800) cases, after a provider agreement has been established between Adoptions From The Heart and the Primary Provider Agency. AFTH’s New York City social workers would be happy to contact another agency to establish this agreement if one is not already in place.
  • Adoptions From The Heart’s domestic adoption program.

Interested in learning more about using one of AFTH’s contract social workers in New York City for your Home Study? Visit our Allentown, PA Contact Page.

Resources For Prospective Adoptive Parents In New York City

With numerous cultural opportunities and some of America’s best places for family fun, New York City is a wonderful place to raise a child and create a beautiful family. For a virtual tour of our favorite picks for family-friendly activities in New York City, visit our article: “Best Family Activities In New York City.” Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite adoption resources for prospective adoptive families in NYC.

  • Visit The New York Times’ blog, “Relative Choices,” to find unique perspectives from all members of the adoption triad living in New York City.
  • For a birthmother’s heartfelt, unflinchingly honest, perspective on the adoption process in New York City, check out “Adoption In The City.”
  • Read “The Single Baby Mama” blog