Birth Parent Scholarships

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AFTH wants to help birth parents get on their feet and establish a career. College isn’t for everyone so we have made this scholarship eligible to anyone attending trade school, as well as Undergraduate studies at universities and colleges.  Payments are made directly to the schools on your behalf.

Twice a year, our scholarship committee meet to review applications and chooses the winners. Unfortunately, we can’t help every applicant with a scholarship.

Are you Eligible?

  • Must have placed a child for adoption in or after 1985 (letter from your adoption agency or attorney must be provided)
  • Must have been accepted to a college or trade school. (verification required)
  • Must show a financial need (w-2 or previous year tax return)
  • Must write an essay regarding their adoption story.
  • Only complete applications will be reviewed


To qualify for an additional scholarship recipients must:

  • maintain a 2.5 or higher grade point average (GPA)
  • Submit a new application for each semester
  • Provide a copy of your transcript from the previous semester



The deadline for the spring semester applications is December 1st.
The deadline for the fall semester applications is July 1st.

Please Note: 

  • Choosing adoption for your baby does not guarantee a scholarship will be available.
  • Depending on the number of applicants and tuition amounts the number of scholarships, and the amount of each scholarship awarded each semester may vary .
  • AFTH staff has no say in who receives a scholarship.

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