Brandywine Village Families Can Depend On Our Domestic Adoption Agency

Brandywine Village Families Can Depend On Our Domestic Adoption Agency2019-01-06T08:19:58-05:00

Adoption Agency – Do You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy?

Our Adoption Professionals Support Pregnant Women

  • We Happily Explain All Of Your Options

  • Open Adoption Is Possible

  • Support Groups Available

If you have recently learned that you are pregnant and you are wondering what your options are, contact our adoption agency. We are dedicated to making sure that pregnant women are fully informed of all of their options, including:

  • abortion
  • parenting
  • open adoption
  • closed adoption

At Adoptions From The Heart, we have been helping to create families since 1985 and part of that journey is helping birth mothers. We do this by helping pregnant women come into contact with legal representatives, provide them with access to support groups, an opportunity to obtain a scholarship, and the option of picking the adoptive family. In addition to this, they have the right to determine how much contact they would like to have with the adoptive family and child in the future.

Open adoption means that birth parents remain in contact with the adoptive parents and the child, however, that may mean as little as a letter once a year or visits several times a year. This will be determined before the child is born and will be part of the legal agreement. We can help you come up with both your birth plan as well as help you determine how much contact you would like to have.

Non-Profit Organization – Building Families One Infant At A Time

Guiding Prospective Parents Through The Adoption Process

  • We Connect You With Birth Families

  • Our Adoption Professionals Can Answer All Of Your Questions

  • Home Study Support Available

You and your loved ones have decided to grow your family through adoption. Now what? You likely have a million questions and you likely are wondering where you should adopt from because typically, prospective parents at the beginning of their journey believe it is nearly impossible to adopt domestically. This, however, is simply a myth. Around 18,000 infants are taken home from the hospital to their adoptive homes every single year.

Our adoption team, conveniently located in Wilmington, DE, can help guide you through the domestic adoption process. In most cases, prospective parents are matched with their child in less than a year and on average, the costs associated with domestic adoption are the same as international.

We can help you complete the legally required home study, connect you with legal representation, help you find financial resources, and we encourage you to join our support group so that you can meet other parents who are also on their adoption journey. We know how stressful this time is and we are here to support you.

Once approved, our adoption professionals will help you to create a family profile which will be put in our database to be reviewed by pregnant women who are seeking to select a family.

We urge you to contact us to learn more about the entire process and how we can help you. If you’ve chosen to pursue international adoption, we can assist you with home study services as well.