Are You Interested In Learning More About Adoption In Fertility, PA

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Adoption Agency – We Help Connect Infants With Waiting Families

Adoption Professionals Guiding Prospective Parents Through The Domestic Adoption Process

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Domestic adoption is an often ignored option for families who are looking into growing their family, often because they’ve been told that it’s much more expensive to adopt an infant in the U.S. than it is to go internationally. Many prospective parents have also been told that it will takes years to be matched with a child. These, however, are simply myths. In fact, 18,000 infants are adopted domestically each year. In most cases, adoptive parents are matched with their child in less than a year and typically, the cost of adoption about the same as adopting internationally.

Our adoption professionals have been guiding prospective parents through the process of adoption since 1985. We do this by helping you get the home study that is needed, linking applicants to financial and legal resources, providing you with access to a support group both before and after the adoption, and helping you to create a family profile which will be added to our database.

When you are matched with a child you can rest easy knowing that they will never go into foster care. Instead, according to the birth mother’s hospital plan, the child will go directly to your home once discharged and will spend no time in foster care.

To learn more about eligibility, the process, our adoption agency, and to have all of your questions answered, call our office conveniently located office which serves the Harrisburg and Lancaster communities.

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Our Adoption Team Can Explain All Options When You’ve Discovered An Unexpected Pregnancy

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Adoptions From The Heart wants all pregnant women to know exactly what their options are so that they can make the decision that is best for them. We offer our services free of charge, regardless of what you decide.

If you determine that domestic adoption is the best fit for you, you have the option of deciding how much contact you would like to have with your child and their adoptive family in the future. For some, contact can be as little as a letter and a photo once a year. For others, regular visits may be arranged. Or, if you chose, no contact is an option. The choice is entirely yours.

Our adoption agency provides a database of waiting families, full of profiles that are ready for you to review. However, if you have no desire to be part of the process when selecting a family, that is also an option.

You can be sure that your counselor will be there to support you through the entire process and you will also have access to our support groups for as long as you need them. We will also help you with whatever you need – finding housing, financial assistance, obtaining medical coverage for both mother and child, and more. Don’t hesitate to call us now to learn more.