Our Adoption Agency Is Ready To Answer The Questions Of Hannastown, PA Residents

Our Adoption Agency Is Ready To Answer The Questions Of Hannastown, PA Residents2019-01-06T08:08:42-05:00

Adoption Agency – We Can Answer All Of Your Questions

Adoption Professionals Guiding Pregnant Women Through Their Options

  • We Offer Our Services For Free

  • You Can Choose Open Adoption

  • Supportive Community Waiting To Assist You

If you’ve recently been informed that you are pregnant and you weren’t anticipating this at this time in your life, you may be wondering what your options are. Despite the fact that we are an adoption agency, our experienced counselors want every woman to make the choice that is right for them and they are happy to go over all options with you in detail.

If you decide that you are interested in moving forward with a domestic adoption, your assigned counselor will be able to help you:

  • find housing
  • obtain medical insurance that covers both you and your baby
  • make doctors appointments and fill out the necessary insurance forms
  • create a hospital plan
  • determine how much contact you wish you have in the future with your child and their adoptive family
  • access our database of waiting prospective parents – if you wish to choose the family your child is adopted by
  • connect with a support group of women who are also pursuing domestic adoption or those who have already placed a child up for adoption

In some cases, financial support may be available.

Our agency also has a scholarship program and although not everyone is qualified, birth parents are welcome to apply. If approved, the scholarship can help to pay for an undergraduate degree or trade school.

Contact us today at our office which is located conveniently to both Pittsburgh and Hannastown in Greenburg, PA.

Non-Profit Agency – Do You Want To Adopt A Child?

Adoption Team Working With Prospective Parents Interested In Domestic Adoption

  • Most Parents Matched With Their Child In Less Than Twelve Months

  • Local Pittsburgh Agency Helping With Home Studies

  • Decades Of Experience

When individuals and couples who are seeking to adopt come to us, they’ve often been told some popular myths about domestic adoption in the United States. At Adoptions From The Heart, we do everything we can to set the records straight.

Myth #1: It’s Impossible To Adopt An Infant

The truth is that around 18,000 infants are adopted in the United States each year!

Myth #2: International Adoption Is More Affordable

When comparing the cost of international vs domestic adoption, the cost is typically about the same and can range from $5,000 to $40,000 depending on the circumstances.

Myth #3: It Takes Years, Sometimes Decades To Get Matched With A Child

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Once a prospective parent has been approved, most are matched with their new family member in less than a year.

Our experienced adoption professionals are here to support you during this exciting but stressful time. We can connect you with the proper legal and financial resources, help you complete your home study, and help you create the profile which pregnant women will be viewing when they choose a family for their child.

We do ask that all prospective parents be committed to the possibility of open adoption, despite the fact that not every birth mother wants one. At minimum, be prepared to agree to the exchange of letters, photographs, and a yearly visitation which can take place during out annual picnic.