Hartford, CT Domestic Child Adoption Is Possible

Hartford, CT Domestic Child Adoption Is Possible2019-01-06T08:23:52-05:00

Adoption Agency – Breaking Down The Myths Surrounding Domestic Adoption

Our Adoption Professionals Assist Both Pregnant Women & Prospective Parents

  • We Help Match Hundreds Of Parents To Their Child

  • Access To Support Groups

  • Lifetime Support For Adoptees

feet of baby adopted in HartfordEach year around 18,000 children are¬†domestically adopted in the U.S. a number that usually surprises individuals and couples are are just beginning to explore their adoption options. At first, many believe their best option is to seek an international adoption often because they have been told that domestic adoption takes longer and is more expensive but that simply isn’t the case.

On average, prospective parents who choose domestic adoption are matched with a child within a year and Adoptions From The Heart is proud to help make this happen.

For prospective parents, we provide information on the entire adoption process, can help with home studies, have information on financial and legal resources, and we also help create a profile which will be viewed by pregnant women.

For pregnant women, our team of adoption professionals are happy to provide information on all possible options, assist with obtaining medical care for both mother and child, support groups, and a hospital plan. If it is decided that adoption is the best option, a database with numerous waiting parents is available for review.

To learn more about our adoption agency and how we can help you, contact us today.

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Our Domestic Adoption Professionals Are Ready To Provide Information About The Adoption Process

  • Our Team Can Help You Find Financial Help

  • Support Groups For Both Waiting Families & Pregnant Women

  • Database Of Profiles Of Waiting Parents

Are you or a loved one considering growing your family through adoption? Let our team of adoption professionals help guide you through this process.

Both pregnant women and waiting parents are supported at Adoptions From The Heart. Since 1985, our team has helped thousands of waiting families get matched with their child and we are excited to continue that work today.

Pregnant women are offered full support including access to a database of waiting parents, help obtained medical coverage for both the mother and the child, and even a possible scholarship program. We want you to be fully aware of every option available to you and are prepared to answer any questions that you may have.

In addition to this, we provide a lifetime of support to adoptees.

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