Our Child Adoption Agency Is Growing Families In Manchester

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Adoption Agency – We Help Build Families

Child Domestic Adoption Professionals Building Families Since 1985

  • Support Groups Available For Pregnant Women

  • Our Team Can Help You Find Legal Resources

  • We Are Happy To Answer All Questions About The Adoption Process

The time after finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be a very stressful and scary time. At Adoptions From The Heart we help pregnant women explore all of the options available to them. When you work with our team you will have assistance with:child who found parents through adoption

  • Learning About All Of Your Options
  • Selecting A Waiting Family From Our List: Review the profiles of potential parents in our database.
  • Choosing The Level Of Contact After Placement: Open adoption allows a birth mother to remain in contact with their child and adoptive family.
  • Finding A Support Group
  • Finding Legal Assistance
  • Obtaining Medical Care

We also help you come up with a hospital plan so that there are no surprises on the day of delivery.

In addition to this, AFTH has started a scholarship program for qualified birth parents so that they have the opportunity to establish a career.  The scholarship program can be used for both undergraduate programs or trade schools for up to eight semesters.

Non-Profit Organization – We Can Help You Get Matched With An Infant

Let Our Experienced Adoption Professionals Guide You Through The Adoption Process

  • We Can Help You With Home Studies

  • Information On Open Adoption Provided

  • No Minimum Income Requirement

Have you been considering adoption and are wondering if you should choose domestic or international adoption? Let our adoption team guide you through the process and explain all of your options to you.

At Adoptions From The Heart we provide services to individuals and couples who are looking to grow their family through adoption. Our team can help with obtaining security clearances, home studies, and can help create a profile which will be viewed by pregnant women. In addition to this, we have support groups and information on financial and legal assistance.

Although not every pregnant woman wants an open adoption, qualified prospective parents should be open to the minimum amount of contact which will include the exchange of first names, updates through photographs and letters, and a once a year visit. The yearly visit can occur during the adoption agency’s annual picnic.

Don’t let the myths about domestic adoption prevent you from contacting us to learn more – our team is ready and waiting to answer all of your questions.

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