National Birth Mother's DayNational Birth Mother’s Day is observed every year the Saturday before Mother’s Day. On this day, we should all recognize and applaud the birth mothers who made the loving, courageous, and selfless decision to place their child for adoption, leading families around the world to experience one of life’s greatest joys.

This year National Birth Mother’s Day is Saturday, May 12th. It was first established in 1990 by Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh – who was a birthmother herself – and was first celebrated on May 12th, 1990. She along with a group of birth moms from Seattle, Washington came up with this holiday to educate communities across the country about birth mothers’ profound sacrifices and to make sure they were not forgotten. It is a day that has origins in compassion, education, and solidarity for these courageous women who made this Sunday Mother’s Day for so many.

A birth mother’s strength is often overlooked during the adoption process and taking the time to understand the depth of what birth mothers feel after they place their child for adoption is important. It takes unbelievable strength for an expectant mother to place her baby, so that her child can have the life she knows they deserve. The process of creating an adoption plan and the transition afterwards can take a toll on birth mothers.

On National Birth Mother’s Day, it is also important to recognize and have empathy for how this day makes birth mothers feel. Some may want to celebrate themselves and the special gift of love they’ve given. Others might still be struggling with grief. If you are a birth mother, this weekend can be hard and also reflective – take time for you and do what you are most comfortable with.

For others out there, to help celebrate this day and the love a birth mother gave, use the #NationalBirthMothersDay on social media to spread the word in honoring birth moms. If you are an adoptive parent, send your child’s birth mother flowers, a card, or get together for dinner as a way of thanking and showing your appreciation for the decision she made for you to raise her child. You could also have your child draw a picture or sign the card if they are old enough. This day is also a wonderful opportunity to discuss with your child the love that went into their birth mother’s adoption decision. Every mother’s experience is different and all moms should always acknowledge and support one another.

Happy #NationalBirthMothersDay to all the birth moms out there! We appreciate you and we honor you. You are the definition of bravery and unconditional love not just Saturday, but every day.

“No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love.” -Edwin Hubbel Chapin