International Surrogacy

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Heartbeats: Assisted Reproduction Program

International Surrogacy

Heartbeats has partnered with several international gestational surrogacy programs. These programs allow intended parents who may not be able to carry their own child to have a child who is biologically related to one or both of them.

Is Surrogacy right for you?

For some couples opting for gestational surrogacy is a very straight forward decision but for others there are lots of things to be considered and thought about before making the decision about surrogacy. There are lots of complex issues involved. It is an emotional roller coaster ride for the couple, the families and friends. It is a decision where the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ are very individual things. A Heartbeats counselor can help Intended parents seeing things in perspective. Other options to surrogacy like adoption, and embryo placement can be considered.

What are the advantages of gestational surrogacy?

  • This may be the only chance for some intended parents to have a child which is biologically completely their own or partly their own
  • The surrogate is NOT biologically related to the child.

What are the disadvantages of gestational surrogacy?

  • It is controversial topic but is gaining recognition due to the large number of celebrities who are turning to gestational surrogacy to start their families
  • The surrogates may face medical / obstetric complications during pregnancy which puts extra financial burden on the commissioning couple.

Surrogacy Countries

Heartbeats is very cautious when choosing international adoption programs to refer to. We work very hard to ensure that your international surrogacy experience is positive, from your application until you bring your child home to the United States.

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