Our Favorite Places For Hiking in the Glastonbury, CT Area

Our Favorite Places For Hiking in the Glastonbury, CT Area

In our opinion, New England has some of the best nature preserves, hiking trails, and other outdoor recreation areas in the country. The Glastonbury area, in particular, is full of excellent places to enjoy a sweat-inducing hike while taking in the majestic views surrounding the trails. Our Connecticut adoption professionals love hiking at the following spots in the Glastonbury area:

Glastonbury Riverfront Park

Glastonbury Riverfront Park is full of all kinds of great amenities, including some excellent hiking and walking trails. But if you’ve got people in your group who aren’t big hikers, there are also fun activities like baseball fields, basketball courts, fishing, picnicking, soccer, boating, and ice skating during the winter. However, the hiking here is our favorite activity, as the trails often beautiful scenic views of nature.

Ferry Landing

Ferry Landing is the place to visit if you want to take a ride on the famous Glastonbury-Rock Hill Ferry, which is the oldest continuously operating ferry in the United States. But there are also plenty of fun ways to spend a day on the land at Ferry Landing. Hiking and walking trails run along the Connecticut River, offering beautiful views of some of the state’s most pristine natural areas. And of course, fishers can enjoy casting a line into the river and seeing what they can catch.

Great Pond Preserve

Great Pond Reserve spans 70 acres of virtually untouched nature. It’s owned by the Town of Glastonbury and managed in cooperation with the Great Pond Stewardship Committee. The Great Pond is a 12-acre glacial drawdown pond. This preserve features hiking and walking trails which help you get a deeper look into another one of the best preserved natural areas in all of New England.

Cotton Hollow Preserve

This 80-acre preserve is composed of 80 acres of untouched woodlands and the Roaring Brook and is one of the most interesting hikes in the Glastonbury area. This preserve was once home to many gristmills, sawmills, iron foundries, and a cotton mill during the 18th and 19th centuries. Even today, you can still catch a glimpse of the 1814 cotton mill’s ruins while hiking through Cotton Hollow Preserve. Fishers can also enjoy fishing in the Roaring Brook.

Shenipsit Trail

The Shenipsit Trail runs for 40 miles from end to end, with a 5.5-mile gap with no trail markers between East Reservoir and the trailhead of Grahaber Road. There are bountiful scenic views to be had along these 40 miles, with some of our favorite sections lying at the southern trailhead from Gadpouch Road to where the trail crosses Gadpouch Road a second time. This trail is also popular among mountain bikers, especially the area near Case Mountain.

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