Outreach Material: Options Brochure

Outreach Material: Options Brochure

At Adoptions From the Heart, we have always prided ourselves on our extensive options counseling with expecting parents. We don’t consider options counseling a one-time conversation, but an ongoing topic that we continue to explore throughout the time the expecting parents are considering adoption. An expecting parent’s options might change throughout the pregnancy experience, so we feel it is important to continue the conversation throughout the adoption process.

As staff reviewed our outreach materials, we realized that a place we were missing some information was in that options area. While our social workers are sure to focus on options during in-person counseling, we did not have written materials to provide before expecting parents decide to contact AFTH. From that realization, the Options Brochure was born.

The brochure discusses temporary and permanent options for unplanned pregnancy, providing a starting point for expecting parents to begin exploring their choices even before they contact an agency. Parenting, Adoption, Abortion, and Temporary Care are all discussed to give expecting parents an overview of the differences. Expecting parents are encouraged to consider the questions “Do I want to be a parent?” and “Am I ready and able to be a parent now?” as they review their options.

AFTH social workers began utilizing these brochures in outreach to community service providers in February. Many service providers who may otherwise have been leery about adoption-related materials were thrilled to have this unbiased overview of options to share with their clients. Providers like clinics and Planned Parenthoods have been especially excited about this new material.

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