If you haven’t joined a country club, now is the time to sign up. Members have so many perks and benefits, along with getting to play one of the oldest sports, golf. The Adoptions From The Heart adoption agency in Warminster, Pennsylvania, has sponsored this article. 

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LuLu Country Club

Originally a farm, LuLu Country Club has been around since 1909. Owner, George S. Cox, enjoyed inviting friends to the LuLu Temple where they would sit back and enjoy picnics on the weekends. 

In 1909, Cox and a group of Shriners decided to rent the beloved farm with the intention to build a lush green nine-hole golf course. In hopes of finding the best golf course designer, they came across Donald Ross, a talented, well-known course crafter.

Years later, Mr. Ross was asked to come back and design a course double the size of the first, making it a glorious 18-hole course. Greenery and landscaping were added, and the Clubhouse was built soon-after in 1927. 

Today, the is a state-of-the-art facility with many features, comes complete with a fully stocked golf store, bar and restaurant, two golf simulators, classic cigar lounge, spacious locker rooms, mobile bag storage, fitness center, and a wraparound deck to continue admiring the scenery of the classic Donald Ross Course.

Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club

Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club began its journey over 120 years ago in Philadelphia. Since then, the club extends over 250 acres of rolling hills, covered by a range of outstanding hardwoods. Expansive grass fairways blend into a colonial stone mansion, providing the setting for one of the most popular golf courses in the greater region of Philadelphia.

If you’re looking for a venue for a wedding, banquet, corporate meeting, or any other type of event, the premier golf course is a beautiful place to have it. The signature venue is the ideal place for your special day, whether you are planning a large over-the-top wedding or a 50-guest traditional, intimate wedding. 

The background for your affair starts as you wind down the captivating tree-lined drive to the Clubhouse, a majestic and traditional manor-style home. The attendees will be swept away by the stunning, spectacular views.

If you happen to be visiting Warminster, take a look at our family-friendly attractions that we suggest you visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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