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This article is presented by the adoption center Pittsburgh, PA, who recommends trying out these local favorites with a few friends.

The Bulldog Pub

Located in Morningside, Bulldog Pub is a popular family-friendly pub that opened in April of 2013. This Pittsburgh hotspot has been great serving food and craft beers to locals for years. 

The Bulldog Pub has built its reputation and foundation on what the community desires. With that said, this pub favorite is owned and operated by two brothers, Joe and Jesse DiRenzo, both Morningside natives. 

On the menu, you’ll find an array of delicious plates from appetizers such as flavorful wings to decadent dips and more. Fan-favorites rave about the House Pies, Sammitches, and Burghers. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, choose one of their Greenery salads, filled with a mix of seasonal vegetables.

The Bulldog Pub is well-known for its selection of craft beers. Customers can enjoy a list of beers on draft and rotating bottles such as fruit beers, frisettes, hard seltzers, IPA’s, Pale Ales, and more. 

Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

With the majority of their time dedicated to innovation and discovery, the employees at Hitchhiker Brewing Co. are devoted to improving and refining their styles of beer. With the focus on evolution and exploration, you’ll always find something new and delicious to try. 

Located in the heart of Mt. Lebanon, step foot into the inviting space to hang out with a few friends and discover new beers. The brewery and taproom is a great place to sip a beer and take a tour of the brewhouse. 

The knowledgeable beer staff is filled with information. They can educate you on all subjects beer-related, as well as show visitors the ways they say committed to brewing with the lowest environmental impact in the surrounding area. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor passing through, check out our local golf clubs for a day filled with fun entertainment.

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