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Searching for the Right Adoption Attorney? Look for These 3 Things.

  In a previous post, I explained the merits of gathering an “adoption team” of trusted and dependable professionals who can help guide you through the steps and ensure a smooth process. One of these professionals should be an experienced adoption attorney, because unnecessary legal hurdles should never come between you and growing your family. [...]

3 Benefits of Having an Attorney on Your Adoption Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, the saying is also true when it comes to adopting a child. At AFTH we ensure that families have access to all resources needed to fulfill their adoption journey. AFTH partners with wonderful adoption attorneys to help provide legal confidence throughout the entire process. [...]

Tips to Kick-start your Attorney-Client Relationship

The adoption journey is a wonderful and exciting time for those looking to expand their family. However, the process can also be distressing – especially if there are legal complications. Finding a family attorney who is familiar or specializes in adoption is a great way to make sure you are receiving accurate legal guidance. The [...]