Adoption Triad

What Birth Parents need to hear from You

What Birth Parents need to hear from You "You are worthy"- Remind your friends that their heart was in the right place when they made the decision to place their child for adoption. Placing a child for adoption is never an easy decision, but they made it because at that moment in their life they [...]

Participants of AFTHtv’s Black Voices within Adoption reflect on Their Experience

This summer AFTHtv dedicated its entire sixth season to serve as a program giving Black voices within the adoption triad (adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees) the platform to discuss racial matters and adoption in today’s society. New episodes aired on the nonprofit’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel every Tuesday. Social workers and adoption counselors [...]

Chris and Adrienne Celebrate being Birth Grandparents this Grandparents Day

Today is national Grandparents Day, a day to celebrate the top integral figures of the family tree. In an open adoption adoptive parents can encourage a loving bond not just with their own parents, but with their birth grandparents as well. Delaware birth grandparents Chris and Adrienne have been present in their granddaughter Charlotte’s life [...]

AFTH’s Fall 2020 Birth Parent Scholarship winner Christina Smith

Adoptions From The Heart is proud to announce Christina Smith as our Fall 2020 Birth Parent Scholarship winner. This fall Christina will be in her sophomore year at Arcadia University majoring in psychology. The Delaware native placed her newborn son for adoption in the spring of 2020. Read on to learn about Christina’s adoption journey, [...]

Meeting My Birth Parents: Samantha’s story

By Samantha, an Adoptions From The Heart adoptee Ever since I understood the term “adoption” and what it means, I have  wanted to meet my birth parents. When I was younger, my dream was just that of a naïve child. I did not understand the complexity of feelings. I heard from my birth parents twice [...]

Katie and Andres’ Story

Katie and Andres always knew they wanted to grow their family. After having difficulties conceiving on their own, the couple turned to IVF, hoping the treatment would be a solution to their fertility struggles. However, they were unsuccessful after one round of treatment, and the extensive process took a toll on Katie. “I felt awful, [...]

Kyle: A Birth Father’s Story

Birth Father’s Story Part 1 My girlfriend and I both grew up in upstate New York. When Jackie decided to move to Pittsburgh to go to school I came with her.  We shared a small efficiency apartment and a one bench truck.  I was working full time while finishing-up school. But after a while, we [...]

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