adoption agency in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania near breweries

Over the years, Pittsburgh has become known for the list of restaurants, breweries, and bars that are out of this world. This article is brought to you by the adoption agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who encourages family and friends to get together over the weekend and enjoy a meal together. 

Today, we will be talking about our top-notch breweries that get raving reviews from locals and visitors alike. 

Eleventh Hour Brewing

The chic establishment is owned by a husband and wife team, Matt and Keana McMahon. Their love for hospitality, craft beer, and attention to detail are what keeps customers coming back for more. 

Now on to the brews, they are best known for their Double Nocturnal Rainbow Imperial Milk Stout and their Burning Pheonix Jalapeno Pale Ale. In the Spring and Summer months, you can find the Blue Sparrow Global Street food truck, parked outside the brewery, which offers visitors a delicious assortment of menu items. 

Hitchhiker Brewing 

Unlike other craft breweries in the city, Hitchhiker Brewing is situated in a spacious corner warehouse, meaning finding a spot to sit or stand isn’t too tricky. The brewery, along with pinball machines and entertainment board games, boasts sleek, mechanical décor.

In the summer, you can find yourself a comfy spot on their back patio where you can feel a fresh breeze and grab a bite to eat from one of the many scheduled food trucks that operate in the area. 

Our recommendation: try to Marshmallow Stout, brewed with Count Chocula cereal and a hint of Leona’s ice cream. 

All parents deserve a day to themselves, so after going brewery hopping, plan a fun day with the kids at the Children’s Museum for a day filled with educational experiences both you and your family will love. 

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