Weekend Activities in Horsham

Weekend Activities in Horsham

park near adoption agency in horsham pa

Graeme Park

Who doesn’t love a beautiful relaxing day at the park? Enjoying some outdoor activities and having a picnic. The adoption agency in Horsham, PA, loves providing family-fun activities to explore over the weekend, one including Graeme Park. 

Graeme Park is a 42-acre historic park, including a Colonial Pennsylvania Governor’s only remaining home, Keith House. Since the late 18th century, the manor has remained virtually intact. A visit to Graeme Park is nature parks, a picnic lunch, and a meeting with politicians, physicians, patriots, loyalists, authors, and writers who frequented the Keith House.

The park is located in the heart of Philadelphia, situated on County Line Road in Horsham. The park is far enough from traffic and noise to allow visitors to embrace the pure treasure this park has to offer. 


There’s a fascinating and vivid background for the history enthusiast synonymous with the Keith House and its inhabitants. The story beings in 1721 and are full of fascinating people and their lives from the earliest days of our nation through the 20th century. 

The house itself is a National Historic Landmark and remained mostly intact with original woodwork and painting in a few of the rooms since the late 18th century.


Friends of nature will find that a visit to Graeme Park gives them something too. Guests can enjoy the splendor of each season with its open fields, lake, pond, and trails through the woods. The area is home to many native species of plants and trees that, particularly in spring and fall, give their spectacular display of color.

Tons of wildlife consider the grounds their homes, such as great blue herons, wild turkey, whitetail deer, and fox, to name a few. In this peaceful setting also reside an assortment of birds, reptiles, and amphibians. 

In Graeme Park, artists and photographers find numerous subjects for their work, from the simplistic beauty of the house and its tranquil setting to the plants and animals that abound.

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