5 Questions to ask yourself before deciding to adopt

5 Questions to ask yourself before deciding to adopt

Adopting a child is a wonderful, life-changing experience. However, before committing to the process there are a several things you should think about to ensure you are prepared.

Here are 5 important questions you should ask yourself before deciding to adopt:

Why do I want to adopt?

Those who decide to pursue adoption, do so for a variety of reasons. Some people adopt because, they are struggling with infertility, while others adopt regardless of whether they can conceive a child. In any case, it’s important to understand that adoption is not a cure for infertility, nor should it be viewed as “second-best.” Adoption isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

What kind of adoption do I want?

You must decide whether you want to pursue a domestic adoption or an international adoption. If you choose to adopt domestically, you can go through a private agency or an adoption attorney/facilitator. International adoptions are usually done through private agencies, but can also be done independently.

Am I open to a child of another race than my own?

If you are open to a transracial adoption, you should be prepared and knowledge about some of the challenges that comes with adopting a child outside of your race. Be prepared to openly discuss racial inequality and privilege, as well as, obstacles your child my face in the community. You may have to move, change your family/friends to keep your child safe and free from prejudice comments and behavior. As the parent, you must be able to talk about race and ethnicity with your children, so they feel comfortable discussing such matters, whether positive or negative. In addition, those who adopt across racial lines, must always remember to integrate your child’s culture within your own family traditions and customs.

Is my marriage or committed relationship suitable for an adoption plan? Or, am I ready to adopt?

It’s necessary to determine whether you will be able to provide a stable and nourishing environment for a child. Is your relationship solid and healthy enough to introduce children? If you plan on being a single parent, are you emotionally, mentally and financially prepared? Will you be able to endure stressful events, transitions and challenges without the support of a partner?

Am I ok with not being biologically related to my child?

Before you begin the adoption journey, it is important to address your feelings on having a biological connection with your child. Not being biologically related to doesn’t make an adopted child any less your own, yet some struggle with the idea of having a child that does not share their DNA.






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