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The Connection Between Adoption and the Presidency

A look at three presidents influenced by adoption Gerald Ford Gerald Ford originally carried his birth father’s name, Leslie King. His parents separated shortly after his birth, with Ford being raised by his mother, Dorothy. Dorothy remarried almost three years to a businessman, Gerald Rudolph Ford. The couple wasted no time, immediately referring to the [...]

AFTH Opens Two New Programs for Expecting and Birth Parent Support

Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) offers two new services, Expectant Parent Pre-Placement and Birth Parent Post-Placement. Through AFTH’s commitment to serving the adoption triad, the agency realized an even greater need for additional services dedicated to women. Although some of these services are active, AFTH realized there is a need to enhance and add to [...]

Potential Obstacles During the Adoption Process

Finances One of the biggest obstacles towards prospective parents hoping to adopt is the cost. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, adoption through a private agency could cost $20,000-$40,000. This figure often includes court and legal fees, pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling, home study, and additional services. There is also the consideration of general expenses [...]

Adoptions From The Heart Building Beautiful Families Calendar

Adoptions From The Heart releases annual calendar to support birth parents in need   (Wynnewood, PA) – Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH), a nonprofit open adoption agency, is releasing its 2021 Building Beautiful Families Calendar. Each month within the calendar features pictures of adoptees whose placement was facilitated by AFTH. The calendar is available for sale at $14. [...]

Ending National Adoption Awareness Month With Recent AFTH Adoption Finalizations

And just like that, another National Adoption Awareness Month happened and ends today. No closing to National Adoption Awareness Month would be complete without highlighting recent adoption finalizations. Adoption finalizations may look different this year, however not even a pandemic can take away from this monumental occasion. Instead of the traditional courtroom pictures with the [...]

National Adoption Month 2020 Story: Bringing home Matilda

For a while, Matt and Ashley were living a great life together out in Central Pennsylvania. There was never a dull moment in their household with their dogs, cats, and pet lizard for sure. They were happy, however, something was missing in their life... a baby. Parenthood would be the one thing that would turn [...]

A Different Take on Adoption: The Voice of Birth Father, Samai

By: AFTH Communications Intern, Kevonne Bennett I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of Adoptions From The Heart’s (AFTH) birth fathers, Samai. (You may already know him as a frequent AFTHtv guest.) Samai graciously shared his story with me, detailing his adoption journey. Several years ago, Samai had been in a committed relationship [...]

All About AFTH’s new Podcast: A Heart-to-Heart With Adoptions From The Heart

We are finally in the last two weeks of National Adoption Awareness Month 2020. This year's recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month may look a little different (ex. Zoom adoption finalizations) but despite these disappointing adjustments, the adoption community was able to find ways to creatively connect. This month AFTH launched our first-ever podcast series: [...]

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