A Brief History Lesson on National Adoption Month from Adoptions From The Heart

A Brief History Lesson on National Adoption Month from Adoptions From The Heart

Today marks the first full week of November, which means it’s the first official week of National Adoption Month 2018. As an adoption agency this month is very important for raising awareness about adoption, and open adoption relationships at that. This November, AFTH is dedicating the time to share beautiful stories from those we have serviced throughout the years. This month is about honoring all members of the triad: birth parents, adoptive parents and the adoptees.

In 1976 Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis took the initiative to promote the need for adoptive families for children in foster care. During this time Governor Dukakis declared the first week of November 1976 as “Adoption Week.” Eight years later U.S. President Ronald Reagan made Adoption Week into a national event. The U.S. president had a personal connection to adoption as an adoptive parent himself.

“National Adoption Week gives us an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to give every child waiting to be adopted the chance to become part of a family. During this Thanksgiving season, let us work to encourage community acceptance and support for adoption and take time to recognize the efforts of the parent groups and agencies that assure adoptive placements for waiting children. Most importantly, let us pay tribute to those special couples who have opened their homes and hearts to adopted children, forming the bonds of love that we call the family,” said former U.S. President during his November 1984 proclamation of the first-ever National Adoption Week.

In 1995 the 42nd president of the U.S.  Bill Clinton took Ronald Reagan’s vision further by expanding National Adoption Week into a National Adoption Month. Bill Clinton also had a special connection to adoption as an adoptee himself.

“Adoption provides a means for building and strengthening families. It places children into loving, permanent homes where they can flourish and grow up to become happy, healthy, productive members of our national community. Adoption also enables adults to experience the unique joys of parenthood,” said former U.S. President Bill Clinton during the November 1995 proclamation of National Adoption Month.

During National Adoption Month there is also a National Adoption Day, which is the Saturday before the week of Thanksgiving. The founders of National Adoption Day are Children’s Action Network, Freddie Mac Foundation, The Alliance for Children’s Rights and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. These important groups within the adoption awareness community officially established National Adoption Day on November 18, 2000. Last year around 5,000 children were placed into loving homes on National Adoption Day 2017 according to National Adoption Day.org .

AFTH encourages everyone this November to share your personal journey as an adoptive parent, birth parent or adoptee.

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