A Family Visit to the Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit

A Family Visit to the Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit

If you’re a fan of model trains and you live within driving distance of Allentown, we highly recommend making a trip to the Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit. This magnificent display is truly heaven-on-earth for model train enthusiasts, with its main display stretching 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. But this main display is only a portion of the overall attraction, as there are several other displays that are nearly as large as the main one. Our Allentown adoption professionals think that the Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit makes for a great family trip.

Notable Features

There are so many details that make this exhibit such an exciting experience for model train lovers. Here is some idea of what you can expect if your family decides to visit here:

  • 40 model trains
  • 4 underground subways
  • 5 elevated trains
  • 4 pantograph electric trains
  • Steam and diesel trains
  • 30,000 lights, stars, moon, and illuminated buildings
  • 24′ by 16′ lake with scale rainfall, thunder, and lightning

Featured Railroad Logos

In keeping with the authenticity of the model, several famous railroad logos are used on the model trains. These include the following:

  • Lehigh Valley
  • Jersey Central
  • Reading
  • Lehigh and New England
  • New York Central
  • Pennsylvania Railroad
  • New Haven Railroad

These trains are in ‘0’ gauge semi-scale, ‘0’ gauge scale, and HO scale.

About the Model Train Layout

The model train layout is overflowing with a variety of features. We think these are what make the model so realistic, and you’ll feel like you’re really looking down on a miniature town while viewing it. Here are some features of the model train layout to look out for:

  • 60-piece operating amusement park and operating drive-in movie theater
  • Large-scale railroad yard with Roundhouse, Turntable, and Engine Maintenance Complex
  • A ski area with skating ponds and 20 operating ski rides
  • Over 1,000 structures in all, built from scratch, hand-made, and individually hand-crafted with fine detail

Birthday Parties

If you’ve got little ones who are interested in trains, the model train exhibit hosts train-themed birthday parties where your child and their guests can enjoy a wide variety of fun activities. Characters like Thomas the Train and Clarabelle will entertain the party, and both kids and adults can enjoy taking in the breathtaking sites of the over one hundred miniature scenes scattered throughout the model. These scenes include a circus, amusement park, roller coaster, ski slope, drive-in movie theater, and much more. One of our favorite features is a simulated thunderstorm with lightning and rain.

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