Adoptions From The Heart’s 29th Annual Family Picnic

Adoptions From The Heart’s 29th Annual Family Picnic

Celebrating Adoption

As part of their lifelong commitment to building beautiful families through adoption, Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) is proud to announce that they are hosting their 29th Annual Family Picnic on Sunday June 4th, 2017 at Fort Washington State Park. This joyous event will host over 1,500 adoptive parents, birth parents, and children to celebrate open-adoption. Families who have adopted through AFTH, whether domestically or internationally are invited to attend. For nearly 30 years, we invite families to come together for fun, fundraising, and to celebrate the adoption triad.

The Fund

The proceeds from this event go towards are Expecting and Birth Parent Support Fund. The Fund aids low-income women who are pregnant and placing a child for adoption or who have placed a child through the agency. Some birth parents struggle to obtain basic needs, such as groceries, housing expenses, transportation expenses and much more. Therefore, AFTH created the Expecting and Birth Parent Support Fund to provide necessary and valuable services to women throughout pregnancy and after she gives birth.

“Choosing adoption for my baby was the right thing. My C-section left me unable to work for 8 weeks. Without a paycheck, I couldn’t pay my rent.  AFTH covered 2 months of rent so I could keep my apartment.” – Lori, birth mother

The Picnic

Rain or shine, loved ones will come together to enjoy games, food, live music, raffles, crafts and much more. Fort Washington State Park is located in Montgomery County and is rich with history, blossoming dogwoods, and fresh open fields. Every year we are thrilled to celebrate with families in such a beautiful location! Furthermore, guests will have the opportunity to meet others who have adopted, as well as, AFTH staff and CEO/Executive Director, Maxine Chalker.

“This is where you see the people we serve every day,” Chalker shared. “[Birth parents] who grieve the loss of their child to give them a better life, singles and couples yearning to build and grow their families…”



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