Adventure Aquarium Is The Perfect Family Field Trip

Adventure Aquarium Is The Perfect Family Field Trip

Introducing your kids to enriching educational experiences is part of being a good parent. In New Jersey, there are plenty of destinations that make learning interesting and fun. Our New Jersey adoption agents love taking family trips to Adventure Aquarium. We think this is one of the best aquariums in the country. Some of our favorite parts of the aquarium include:

Penguin Park

Penguin Park is the aquarium’s outdoor penguin exhibit. It just recently reopened after being closed for a year-long refurbishment project. This is one of the most family-friendly areas of Adventure Aquarium. The penguins are always a hit with our family, and there’s also a new soft play area for kids. You’ll get up close and learn about African penguins and have a lot of fun in the process at Penguin Park.

Caribbean Currents

The Caribbean Currents section of the aquarium is made up of fifteen different exhibits full of exotic and visually striking creatures. You’ll be mesmerized by hundreds of bright tropical fish, lined seahorses, lobsters, schooling fish, eels, French angelfish, and more. This is one of our kids’ favorite parts of the aquarium, as they’re big fans of all the bright colors and interesting shapes of the creatures here.

Hippo Haven

Hippo Haven is an immersive environment that simulates what life is like for wildlife on an African River. The theatrical experience will take your family on a journey while you learn about Nile hippos Button and Genny, get close with a cape crested porcupine and African Cichlid fish, and eventually come face-to-face with the aquarium’s two 3,000-pound hippos. Your close encounter with the hippos will offer both above and below the water views, with the mammoth creatures just inches away from you on the other side of the glass. You’ll also learn about how the hippos interact with their environment and other creatures.

Piranha Falls

Like Hippo Haven, Piranha Falls is also a multi-sensory experience. Except here, you’ll be offered a view into life on the Amazon River. This simulated experience will take you deep into the Amazon, where you’ll have the opportunity to watch a school of 120 red-bellied piranhas swim below two waterfalls. The weather is even simulated here, and you’ll be blown away as the weather changes from calm into an intense rainstorm.

Shark Realm

Venturing into the Shark Realm can be intimidating at first, but the payoff is well worth any anxiousness you may feel at first. This new 40-foot shark tunnel houses over 20 sharks and 200 other animals in 550,000 gallons of water. You’ll be surrounded on all sides by various species of these majestic creatures.

Creatures found in the Shark Realm include:

  • Atlantic Menhaden
  • Blacktip Shark
  • Nurse Shark
  • Sandbar Shark
  • Sand Tiger Shark

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