Emmaus Residents Don’t Have To Look Far For An Adoption Agency

Emmaus Residents Don’t Have To Look Far For An Adoption Agency2019-01-06T08:20:29-05:00

Adoption Agency – We Help Every Step Of The Way

Domestic Adoption Professionals Guiding Prospective Parents Interested In Adopting

  • Large Supportive Community

  • Counselors Ready To Explain Each Step

  • Lifetime Support For Adoptees

Have you or a loved one been thinking about adopting? If so, you likely have a lot of questions, such as:new baby through adoption agency

  • What do I need to do legally to adopt?
  • How long will the process take?
  • How expensive is adoption?
  • How am I connected to a birth mother?
  • Can I adopt if I’m a single parent?

Our experienced adoption professionals are ready to answer all of these questions and the many more that will pop up along the way. In addition to answering questions, our team will:

  • Help With The Home Study Process: Home studies are a written report that provides the court with details about the waiting family and is required before a placement is made.
  • Help You Create A Profile That Will Be Viewed By Birth Parents: Sometimes, birth parents like to find the adoptive family and to help facilitate this, prospective parents are allowed to post letters, pictures, and a profile on Adoptions From The Heart’s website.
  • Offer Support: Not only will our counselors support you but our organization has support groups where waiting families can connect to discuss their journey.
  • Provide Legal & Financial Resources: Our team can help you find a lawyer who can handle the legal aspects of the adoption and we also have information on financial resources for those who are interested in learning more.

We want the domestic adoption process to go as smoothly as possible – contact us now to learn more.

Non-Profit Organization – Raising Awareness About Domestic Adoption

Experienced Adoption Professionals Assisting Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

  • Prepared To Discuss All Options

  • Assistance Finding Medical Coverage

  • Open Adoption Is A Possibility

Have you recently discovered that you have an unplanned pregnancy? This is a stressful time where decisions need to be made, but it’s important to understand each possible choice. Generally this includes:

  • Raising The Child
  • Abortion
  • Adoption

There are no “right” answers – each individual needs to do what is best for them. However, if you decide that you would like to explore adoption, our adoption professionals can help you throughout this journey.

Birth mothers who choose Adoptions From The Heart will be given:

  • 24/7 Support: This includes access to counselors and support groups for as long as you need it, both pre and post placement.
  • Medical Care: Our team will help you get medical insurance and if for some reasons you do not qualify, arrangements can be made to have medical care paid for.
  • The Opportunity To Pick The Adoptive Parents: If you would like to choose your child’s adoptive family you will be given access to a database of waiting families.
  • The Opportunity To Have An Open Adoption: You get to decide what sort of contact you would like with your child and their adoptive family in the future.
  • Help Creating A Birth Plan: A structured birth plan will be in place so that you know what to expect.

Contact us today to learn more.