Lawson Heights Residents Can Adopt Domestically With Our Agency

Lawson Heights Residents Can Adopt Domestically With Our Agency2019-01-06T08:09:21-05:00

Adoption Agency – Our Team Can Help You Grow Your Family

Adoption Professionals Working With Prospective Parents

  • Lifetime Support Offered For Adoptees

  • Local Domestic Adoption Team

  • Decades Of Experience

Often when prospective parents contact our agency for the first time, they’ve just begun their adoption journey and have numerous questions about the process and what their next steps should be – and this makes us very happy!

Our adoption professionals have placed thousands of infants into the waiting arms of their adoptive parents and we are excited to help you. When you work with our agency, you will receive constant support including access to support groups, a dedicated counselor to answer all of your questions, help with completing the home study and required security clearances, information on financial and legal assistance, and more.

We are happy to work with both individuals and couples who are interested in domestic adoption and offer our services without regard to sexual orientation, gender,   marital status, and financial status. However, we do ask that all prospective parents commit to the possibility of an open adoption and at least the exchange of first names, photographs, letters, and one yearly visit. The details will always be worked out prior to the adoption so there are no surprises.

If you determine that you would rather move forward with a private adoption or an international adoption, we can still assist with your home study as long as you are in our service area.

To learn more about our team, domestic adoption, and how we help, contact our office in Greensburg, PA today.

Non-Profit Organization – You Have Options

Do You Have An Unplanned Pregnancy? Let Our Adoption Team Answer Your Questions

  • Open Adoption Available

  • No Foster Homes For Children

  • You Pick Your Child’s Adoptive Parents

Unplanned pregnancies often cause quite a bit of stress and confusion, and it’s not uncommon for birth mothers to feel completely alone. At Adoptions From The Heart, we want every woman to be fully informed of each option available to them and we support their decision, whatever it may be.

If, however, you determine that choosing domestic adoption is right for you and your child, know that you will have our support and guidance before, during, and after the adoption. A counselor will be assigned to you and this experienced adoption professional will help with whatever you need, such as finding housing, obtaining medical insurance, making doctors appointments, filling out paperwork, connecting you with legal assistance, and answering all of your questions.

Your counselor can also help you determine how much contact you would like to have in the future with your child and their adoptive family. You don’t need to have an open adoption, however, if you would like to, you may choose to exchange letters, photographs, and even visit with your child.

Our team also invites you to join our support group where you can meet other women who are on a similar journey.

Our agency is located close to Lawson Heights in Greensburg, PA. We hope that you will contact us to learn more about us, open adoption, and your options.