Are You Interested In Child Adoption In Lyndon, PA?

Are You Interested In Child Adoption In Lyndon, PA?2019-01-06T08:18:24-05:00

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Have You Recently Discovered An Unplanned Pregnancy?

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Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Let our adoption professionals answer your questions.

We want you to fully understand every option available to you, regardless of the decision that you make. If you believe that domestic adoption is the right choice for you, we can provide you with the assistance you need. This includes help making doctors appointments, finding housing, obtaining medical insurance, filing our forms, connect you with legal help, and providing you with a counselor who will be there every step of the way to guide you.

You will have the option of choosing the family that adopts your child, if you wish. Our agency has a large database of waiting families for you to go through. We can also help you create a hospital plan and a plan for the future regarding how much contact you would like to have with your child and their adoptive parents.

A support group is available to you both before and after the adoption for as long as you need.

We have offices throughout the United States, however, for those located near Central, PA, our closest office is convenient to Harrisburg in Lancaster, PA.

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Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family. Since 1985, our adoption professionals have been proudly helping individuals and couples who are ready to pursue child adoption in Pennsylvania.

Our team will be here for you throughout the adoption process and will provide lifetime support to adoptees. Although we provide our services without regard to skin color, gender, sexual identity, marital status, and income, we do ask that prospective parents be prepared to have an open adoption, if that is what the birth mother requests. Open adoption will mean different things in each case but may include the exchange of letters and photographs, and even visits. These arrangements will be agreed upon prior to the finalization.

In most cases, prospective parents are matched with their new child within a year and on average, the expenses associated with domestic adoption are the same as international.

When you join our supportive community, we will assist you with completing your home study, connect you with legal representation, guide you to financial resources, and help you create a profile which will be placed in our database for birth mothers to review. In addition to this, we offer lifelong support and assistance to adoptees. Our promise is to keep all records for at least 99 years because we understand that often, adoptees have questions as they grow older.

To learn more about domestic adoption, your options, and how our agency can help, contact us now.