Domestic Child Adoption Services In New Britain, CT

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Adoption Agency – Matching Children To Prospective Parents

Let Our Adoption Professionals Guide You Through The Steps

  • We Can Help You Find Financial & Legal Assistance

  • Individuals & Couples Create A Profile For Pregnant Women To Review

  • Support Groups Available

feet of baby adopted in HartfordAre you and your loved ones interested in learning more about domestic adoption? You probably have many questions like “How long will I have to wait?” and “How much will this cost?” and our experienced adoption professionals are prepared to answer all of them.

Not only does Adoption From The Heart explain all options to you but we can also help with getting security clearances and home studies, can provide you with resources for legal and financial support, and will introduce you to other waiting parents through our support groups.

Even though not all pregnant women are interested in an open adoption, prospective parents should be prepared for the possibility that an open adoption will be requested. The minimum amount of contact may include yearly visits, the exchange of names, and updates through letters and photographs.

To learn more about domestic adoption and our Connecticut adoption agency call our office now.

Non-Profit – We Can Explain All Of Your Options

Domestic Adoption Agency Assisting Pregnant Women

  • Scholarship Program Available To Qualified Individuals

  • Our Team Can Help You Obtain Medical Care

  • Thousands Of Children Placed Directly Into Waiting Homes – No Foster Care

Are you pregnant and interested in learning more about your options? At Adoptions From The Heart, we understand how stressful an unexpected pregnancy can be and we are here to help.

Not only will we fully explain all of your options but if you choose to pursue domestic adoption, we can help you obtain full medical care for both you and your baby. Our professionals will find the right insurance coverage and if we are unable to obtain coverage for you, the agency will cover your medical expenses. We also work with you to find a support group, create a hospital plan, help you write a letter to your unborn child, and give you access to our database of profiles. These profiles give the details of individuals and families who are waiting for a child.

We have also created a scholarship program. While not all birth parents will be eligible, it is an excellent opportunity to obtain assistance in paying for either trade school or an undergraduate degree for up to eight semesters.

Contact us today to learn more about how we’ve been helping pregnant women since 1985.

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