Adoptee Resources

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Adoptions From The Heart is often asked for resources to help support adoptees.  Below is a list of resources for groups that offer support, education, are involved in advocacy or help facilitate searches.  If you know of a resource that we don’t have listed and would like it added please contact our webmistress and she will get it added.

Adoptee Resources

International Adoptee Congress – A membership organization made up of internationally adopted persons. The IAC is committed to empowering, supporting, and giving voice to all international adoptees and adoptee groups. Because adoptees are a part of the ever growing adoption community, we are also committed to working with adoptive families, adoption agencies, and adoption professionals to create and sustain healthy adoptive families for their children.

The Adoptees Liberty Movement Association – ALMA, the pioneer organization in fighting for the rights of adoptees everywhere, is the oldest, most comprehensive and successful registry of its kind.

American Adoption Congress – Through education and advocacy, the AAC promotes honesty, openness and respect for family connections in adoption, foster care and assisted reproduction.

Adoptee Registry Connect –  This is a worldwide adoptee and birth parent search registry designed to reunite adoptees with their birth parents and siblings.

I am Adopted – Great blog filled with a lot of resources for Black/African-American and Latino/Hispanic adoptees.

Scholarships for Adoptees – A list of resources that lead to scholarships for adopted and foster youth.