Adoptee Service

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Adoptee Search Services

Are you an AFTH adoptee? Over the course of time many adoptees and their birth families may lose touch. If you were adopted through AFTH and are over 18 years of age, we can provide searches people seeking their birth parents. If you are an AFTH adoptee under 18 and have the permission of your parent or guardian we can also help.

Counseling Services

Adoptions From The Heart has a list of counselors that are familiar with adoption issues.

Education Classes

Adoptions From The Heart offers an education series in the Spring and the Fall. Some of these classes are geared toward adoptees, giving children and young teens an open forum to discuss adoption and any issues that come up that surround adoption. It gives them a place to find empowering answers to sometimes awkward and difficult questions. Classes are only offered in locations where we have an office. If you don’t see a class listed and would like to attend one please contact us and we will try to set one up in your area.

More Information

Call Adoptions From The Heart at 1-800-355-5500