Family Fun In The Outdoors At Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park

Family Fun In The Outdoors At Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park

Summertime means long days spent in the outdoors with family and friends. Our Connecticut adoption professionals love taking family summer weekend getaways to the various parks and other green spaces scattered throughout the state. Without a doubt, Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park is one of our family’s favorites. With a wide selection of different outdoor activities and adventure sports to enjoy, there’s something for everyone here. There are activities for all levels of thrill-seekers, from relaxing hikes to high-octane cliff jumping. Some of our favorite ways to spend the day at Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park include:

Swimming and Snorkeling

The park is set on a large lake, which makes for some great swimming and water game opportunities. The lake is accessible for all ages and lifejackets are required for everyone. You can enjoy a nice relaxing float on the lake, cannonball from the dock, or have some fun with the numerous inflatable water toys floating on the surface. Snorkels are also available for rental if you want to get a better look of what’s swimming beneath the surface.

Cliff Jumping

If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, you’ll have a blast jumping from the cliffs overlooking the lake. There are several ledges of varying heights, so the younger kids or more faint-hearted can take a jump from a lower cliff of just 2 feet high while those looking for more of an adrenaline rush can climb to the highest level and make a big splash when they land in the lake.

Zip Lining

Gliding down a zip line while the lake zooms past beneath you is a truly exhilarating experience. At Brownstone, your thrilling ride will end in a splash as you land in the water. This is our favorite way to catch some thrills and cool off on a hot summer day at Brownstone.


Brownstone Park has three System 2.0 wakeboard runs – one designed for more advanced riders and two others which are better suited for beginners. This is a great place to learn this thrilling water sport for the first time. Their system will help you learn how to pull yourself up and maintain balance – first in straight lines and later with turns.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Kayaks and paddle boards are available to rent for an additional price not covered by your entrance pass. This is always a great way to unwind with some relative peace and quiet while you’re at the park. It also makes for some great upper body exercise as you navigate your boat along the lake.

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