A Family Summer Outing To Kennywood Amusement Park

A Family Summer Outing To Kennywood Amusement Park

The United States is home to over 400 amusement parks and attractions, but in our opinion, Pittsburgh’s Kennywood amusement park stands out as a unique amongst these hundreds. When you visit Kennywood, you take a trip back into the past. In operation since 1898, this park offers a unique combination of classic rides along with the modern machines you can expect to find at giants like Six Flags or Cedar Point. If you’re looking for a uniquely memorable, entertaining, and thrilling destination to take your family to on a nice summer day, our Pittsburgh adoption agents highly recommend a trip to Kennywood. Some of our personal highlights from this historical amusement park include:

Thrill Rides

Kennywood’s thrill ride collection features some of the country’s oldest rides, along with high-tech, blazing fast modern roller coasters. Some of our favorites include:

  • The Jack Rabbit – In operation since 1920, the Jack Rabbit has been a Pittsburgh staple for nearly 100 years. For generations, parents have been introducing their kids to the thrills of roller coasters with a ride on this classic coaster. Features include a maximum drop of 70 feet and a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour.
  • Racer – The racer was built in 1927, and is the only single-track racing roller coaster in the United States. It features a reverse curve, meaning riders who begin on the right finish on the left. The two trains remain side-by-side throughout the duration of the ride. Split your family into two groups and see who wins bragging rights at the end!
  • Phantom’s Revenge – Phantom’s Revenge is a towering 230-foot steel coaster and with a maximum speed of 85 miles per hour, one of the fastest roller coasters in the world. It’s been thrilling guests with its steep drops and hair-raising speeds since 2001.

4-D Theater

Park admission includes free entry to the 4-D theater, which combines gorgeous 3-D animation with sensory experiences to create an immersive 4-D environment. The film here is the LEGO Movie 4-D Experience, which takes place after the end of the blockbuster LEGO movie.

Water Rides

If your family is visiting on a sweltering hot day, Kennywood offers a couple of water rides which give you the chance to cool off:

  • Pittsburg Plunge – This ride is spelled without the ‘h’ to pay homage to the early era of Kennywood, as this is how the city’s name was spelled from 1890 to 1911. It’s a classic log flume ride which ascends to the top of a 50-foot drop before plunging riders into the water below, resulting in a thrilling, exhilarating, and gigantic splash of water.
  • Raging Rapids – A staple of most amusement parks, the Raging Rapids ride simulates a white-water rafting experience by carrying riders through a downward sloping hill, splashing water into their craft and cooling them off on hot summer days.

Classic Rides

Kennywood is full of classic retro rides from a bygone era. For generations, families from Western Pennsylvania and tourists alike have been enjoying the following classics here:

  • Noah’s Ark – Running since 1936, this ride brings guests through the mouth of a whale before journeying into the iconic Noah’s Ark and viewing the animals from the Biblical voyage in a thrilling environment.
  • Auto Race – If your child is outgrowing the Kiddieland rides but not quite ready for roller coasters, the Auto Race is an excellent way to help them transition to thrill rides. The ride lets parents and kids enjoy a ride in an electric car along a wooden track.
  • Olde Kennywood Railroad – With engines originally used in the 1939 World’s Fair, the classic Olde Kennywood Railroad brings guests on a ride to the peak of the bluff overlooking the Monongahela River and shows them scenes of the history of the park.

Kid’s Rides

The Kiddieland section of the park offers rides for your littlest ones, including:

  • Crazy Trolley
  • Dizzy Dynamo
  • Elephant Parade
  • Kenny’s Karousel
  • Lil’ Phantom
  • & much more

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