Why Our Philadelphia Adoption Professionals Love Family Trips To Sesame Place

Why Our Philadelphia Adoption Professionals Love Family Trips To Sesame Place

Sesame Street has been an American institution since the 1960s, helping countless kids learn through their educational programming. The odds are that you and maybe even your parents grew up on Sesame Street, and a new generation of kids continues to know and love characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch today. Located on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Sesame Place combines two childhood favorites – Sesame Street and amusement parks. Our Philadelphia adoption agents love taking family trips here on weekends during the summer. Some of our favorite attractions and events at Sesame Place include:


Rides are the most important part of an amusement park, and Sesame Park is full of fun Sesame Street-themed rides of varying thrill levels. There’s something for all ages here, and many rides offer excitement for both parents and kids. There’s also a water ride section, and we love visiting this part of the park when we need to cool off on a hot and muggy summer day.

Some of our favorite rides include:

  • Oscar’s Wacky Taxi Roller Coaster
  • Blast Off
  • Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure
  • Elmo’s Cloud Chaser
  • Flying Cookie Jars

When we visit the water section, we like to stop by these attractions:

  • Bert & Ernie’s Slip & Slide
  • Big Bird’s Rambling River
  • Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave
  • The Count’s Splash Castle
  • Ernie’s Waterworks

Live Shows

Sesame Place is full of your favorite Sesame Street characters and they regularly put on live shows for visitors. Some of our favorite live shows include:

Elmo the Musical Live!

In this musical, Elmo and Cookie Monster take the audience on a musical journey to recover Cookie Monster’s missing favorite cookie. Your kids will learn how to use their imagination and math skills through the musical numbers, and some members of the audience are even called on to participate.

Neighborhood Street Party Parade

With three performances and 11 different floats, the Neighborhood Street Party Parade is a must-see during your visit to Sesame Place. All of your favorite characters are there for this lively block party, including:

  • Elmo
  • Murray
  • Count Von Count
  • Bert
  • Ernie
  • Abby Cadabby
  • Zoe
  • Cookie Monster
  • Rosita
  • Big Bird
  • Telly

The performances are all educational and teach kids about letters, numbers, and friendship.

The Magic of Art

In this performance, Abby Cadabby is planning to make something for Sesame Street’s Art Show but isn’t sure where to start. Luckily, she has friends like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Telly to help her out. Together with the audience, Abby learns about all of the different types of art – including paintings, stories, sculptures, and more. Abby finds inspiration from her friends and creates a beautiful masterpiece that she can be proud of for the Art Show.

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