How Late Is Too Late To Make An Adoption Plan?

How Late Is Too Late To Make An Adoption Plan?

Sometimes expecting parents do not realize they are well, expecting until they are past the 24 week mark. There are many reasons why a woman could mistake the typical signs of pregnancy for something else. Before passing judgement, check out this article from Bustle “5 Reasons Women Can Be Pregnant & Not Know It.” What happens when a woman discovers she is pregnant at 6 months, 7 months, 8 months or even 9 months?! She cannot legally have an abortion if she wants to, but yet she does not have the means to parent. How late is too late to make an adoption plan? The answer is NEVER.

In a perfect world a woman would speak with an adoption agency early on in her pregnancy, to give herself more time to think about her options. It is not a secret that the world is not perfect, not everything happens at “the right time.” It is important to know that at AFTH close to 50% of our placements are made moments before a birth mother is expected to deliver.


Our adoption agency will not refuse to help a birth parent away based on how far along they are in the pregnancy. It is never too late to sit down and talk to a social worker about adoption. In the end it is about what is best for the birth parents and their child.

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