James & Corey #6225

James & Corey #6225

6225 bHello!!  We are James & Corey.  We appreciate you taking this opportunity for us to introduce ourselves. First we would just like to say that we thank you for having the courage, strength, and love to consider the path of adoption.

We love the idea of an open adoption.  How great that the child gets to know where s/he comes from.  Being able to know their birth family, any siblings they may have, and their heritage.

This will be our first child and we are both very excited to welcome a child of any race or gender into our lives! A little about us: We have been married for 15 years.  We were close friends before we started dating.  The courtship was brief before Corey asked James to marry her!  (She knows what she wants and goes for it!) James is a “smarty-pants” guy, a physicist (think Big Bang Theory!).  Corey is an office manager/HR/Service Coordinator.  We live in a quiet-family friendly neighborhood near parks, shops, and our family and friends.

Corey’s sister has 5-year-old twins – a boy and a girl.  We love to spend time with them.  Corey’s childhood best friend and her husband adopted twin girls.  They are also five years old.  And James’ best friend and his wife have newborn twins!  Little ones surround us and we love it!

We look forward to the opportunity to building a lasting relationship with you, the birth mom.  We are anxious to welcome a bundle of joy into our lives!

Again, we thank you for this opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves.  We think you are amazing for considering this completely selfless sacrifice.  We wish you the best whatever you end up doing.

James and Corey

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