Jessica #7213

Jessica #7213

7213 bHello. I hope you get to know me a little from my profile and video.  I was born, raised and live in New York City. I can’t wait to share the City with a child from the outdoor concerts, to parks, beaches, and museums!  I am a public interest attorney and my clients are community organizations that build and run things like affordable housing, health centers, and day care centers.  I’ve been at my organization for over 10 years and my co-workers will support me as a single mom.

I’m ready to become a mom and provide a loving and stable home full of joy to a child.  I am certain that adoption is the right path for me to motherhood.  I have a loving and supportive family.  I have an identical twin sister who is my best friend.  We own a townhouse together with our own apartments. She’ll be the best aunt ever! My parents, my whole extended family and friends are so excited to welcome this little one into our hearts and lives.

I’m very open to open adoption! At a minimum, I will share photos and letters and do one in-person visit a year.  I plan to share the child’s adoption story with him or her from the very beginning.  He or she will know that their birth mom or birth parents loved them and wanted to provide them with the best life possible.  I hope to share their birth family history with them so that they can take pride in their roots – both birth and adoptive.  Their adoption will be one of the many things that makes him or he special.

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