Joseph and Gillian #2389

Joseph and Gillian #2389

2389_1Life is a journey of many paths and crossroads. Your journey in life has led you to this point because of your courage, strength and love for your child. Realizing we must be part of a bigger plan, our journey has led us here because of our overwhelming love and desire to have a family. And we are so excited for the day when we welcome our first child into our home and, most importantly, our hearts.

We have always viewed adoption and openness regarding adoption in a positive light. In fact, Joe has a half sister, Amy, who was placed for adoption by Joe’s mother when she was very young. Seven years ago, we reconnected with Amy and have grown to be very close with her and her family. We have seen firsthand just how special adoption can be and we admire you for considering this path.

Please know that if you choose us, we will ensure this child is happy, healthy and grows up knowing they are truly loved. We will instill our values of treating people with respect, empathy, responsibility, honesty, courage, forgiveness and sharing. We will provide this child with every opportunity we can to ensure their success at whatever they choose. And we will teach them to always cherish the little moments – like growing our own food, making crafts and playing.

We thank you for making such a loving and difficult decision to create an adoption plan and for considering us. We hope our profile shows you the unconditional love and support we have to give a child; and we wish you peace and comfort on your journey.

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If you are interested in this family and want information sent to you by mail please fill out our convenient online form. Or e-mail us and put the family’s name and # in the subject line.

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