Keith & Karen #2679

Keith & Karen #2679

2679 aHello and welcome to our world!  We treasure our family and are so excited to become parents through adoption.  Keith is the youngest of five siblings, Karen is the oldest of four, and we have two wonderful pets who are eager to become big sisters.

Ever since we started dating in 2006, we have been looking forward to being parents.  Early on, our friend Alex asked us how many children we wanted to have.  Keith answered five, Karen answered four (naturally we both thought the families we grew up in are perfect!), and Alex joked that we would be very busy with nine children.  While we’re not so sure about having nine children, we are really excited to have a little one to love.

We like to stay busy…and we like to relax.  Keith is a renaissance man—he likes to fix (our car), create (our computer, our garden, our meals), and play (piano, guitar, frisbee).  Karen is an avid reader, runner, knitter, roadtripper, and dessert-maker.  Together we enjoy being active, participating in community events, and watching movies with our pets.   Our neighborhood is great for trick-or-treating, playing with kids of all ages, and exploring nature.

If we are blessed to raise your baby, we promise that they will know they are unconditionally loved by you and us.  We will celebrate their story and would be pleased to share their interests and triumphs with you through photos, letters, and visits.

As excited as we are to become parents, we cannot comprehend the difficulty of your decision. We wish you peace in your quest to decide what is best for you and your baby.

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