Kenny & Greg #7216

Kenny & Greg #7216

7216-bHello! We’re Kenny and Greg. We’re grateful you’d like to know more about us, and very excited to start a family through an open adoption. Becoming parents has been a dream for both of us respectively, and as a team we know the love, home, and family we share will provide a fantastic life for a child. We believe openness in an adoption is incredibly beneficial to the child, and embrace the positive impact it will have on both you and the two of us.

Our passion for the performing arts brought us together in college, and since then, our relationship has grown and strengthened for 13 years now. We were married in 2012, and thereafter started planning to grow our family through adoption.

Kenny is a high school choir director and music minister, and Greg is a freelance oboist and office administrator. We are both trained and experienced in helping children achieve their maximum potential, and between Kenny’s summers off and the generous parental leave granted by Greg’s employer, we plan to spend a significant amount of time home during your child’s most crucial developmental stages.

We can’t wait to introduce a new member to Kenny’s large extended family and Greg’s tight-knit, diverse family (with a combined age range of 2 to 100)! Our home in Queens, NY – which we share with our beloved beagle, Susie – is situated among a variety of enriching opportunities and experiences for all children. Within our walls, we will secure a safe, nurturing, and structured environment for your child.

We send you our love on your adoption journey, and are cheering you on for your selfless, life-affirming endeavor!

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